Cyber Syndicate

Cyber Syndicate is a GameFi & Media company that's paving the way for blockchain adoption through the dynamic fusion of media, blockchain, & gaming.

By merging digital assets with rich Cyberpunk inspired lore, we're forming the basis for numerous activities and adventures. Our mission is to create fun and addictive experiences that incorporate ownership and rewards within our ecosystem.

We leverage state of the art ad tech to unlock the possibility for gaming advertisers and developers to acquire new users and monetize their audiences faster and at a fraction of the cost.

Owning Cyber Syndicate's 3D VX avatars opens the gateway into our Gamefi ecosystem, unlocking a variety of access perks and rewards for holders.


We are a team of digital creators driven by a passion for blockchain, gaming, and ownership economies. Our vision of the future is a paradigm shift in technology that enables opportunities for billions to gain value from ownership of digital assets in a way that was previously unimaginable.


Rome was not built in a day, nor will Cyber City be. Here are some key milestones that will help keep the team on track and holders clued in on upcoming developments.

Q3 2023

  • Launch Avatar Collection

Q4 2023

  • Acquire Sandbox Lands
  • Begin Building Cyber City

Q1 2024

  • Begin Seed Raise
  • Launch Cyber Syndicate Teaser Game "Mission Zero"
  • Airdrop Equipables to Holders

Q2 2024

  • Ad Network Development
  • Begin Building Immersive GameFi Experiences

Q3 2024

  • Official Formation of Dao

Q4 2024

  • Token Launch

Avatar Collection

A collection of 2,222 gaming avatars permits priority access to our gaming ecosystem and gives you the opportunity to earn rewards from participating in quests and competitive multi-player battles. Use your Cyber Syndicate avatar to explore in Sandbox game experiences, get exclusive member only access to events, receive airdrop rewards, and earn $SAND.
Avatar CollectionAvatar Collection


We make the process of onboarding new users simple by harnessing the power of state of the art ad technology to bridge the gap between the company and the user through a vast network of relevant online audiences. Our performance marketing strategies help to reduce costs and accelerate the process of acquiring new users.
We also help companies to monetize their audiences by adding dynamic ad space into their websites, games, and apps that we buy on a cost per impression basis.

Our Partners

Metatheory Studio
Double Protocol
Brinc Venture Capital
Animoca Brands
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