Cyber Syndicate

Cyber Syndicate is a blockchain GameFi project leveraging The Sandbox’s land and game mechanics. Based in Cyber City, this innovative and futuristic project incorporates NFTs with rich Cyberpunk inspired lore, forming the base for numerous Web3 activities and experiences. An NFT mint on the Ethereum blockchain will see the release of 3,333 unique 3D VX gaming avatars and unlock a variety of access perks and rewards for avatar owners. Following the mint, the avatars will be migrated to the Polygon ecosystem where they will permanently reside.

Our Story

As passionate NFT collectors and enthusiasts in the future of Web3, we are excited to apply our years of knowledge and experience as digital marketing and ecommerce entrepreneurs to the Cyber Syndicate project. We are thrilled for the opportunity to build a culture and experience in the Sandbox and create unique and rewarding opportunities for all involved in our project.


Rome was not built in a day, nor will Cyber City be. Here are some key milestones that will help keep the team on track and holders clued in on upcoming developments.

Q1 2023

Community development & marketing

Q2 2023

Mint OG collection
Acquire land in The Sandbox

Q3 2023

Airdrop wearables & items to holders
Begin building Cyber City

Q4 2023

Continue Building out Cyber City

Q1 2024

Mint collection 2

Q2 2024

Airdrop more wearables & items to holders

Q3 2024

Launch Sandbox advertising & commerce ventures

Q4 2024

ERC-20 token launch


Use your Cyber Syndicate avatars to explore the Sandbox, go on missions, fight battles, and attend exclusive events. The Cyber Syndicate project has high level plans in the Sadnbox that involve advertising, land development, entertainment, commerce, and much more. Customize your avatars with wearables and items that have varying rarities and boost performance in Sandbox games and experiences.
The Cyber Syndicate project plans to build a dystopian sci-fi city on a 6x6 estate land in the Sandbox where Cyber Syndicate avatars will get exclusive access to holder only areas. Factions will battle for control, go on exciting missions, and the winners will unlock special rewards.
Holders can receive rewards from proceeds generated by the Cyber Syndicate project from commerce, advertising, and various other ventures that the syndicate becomes involved in. Cyber Syndicate isn't your average NFT project, we plan to make an impact in Web3 and become pioneers at the forefront of blockchain experiences. Every Cyber Syndicate holder is embarking on an exciting adventure with us.


Cyber Syndicate Utility
Sandbox ready playable 3D voxel avatars
Cyber Syndicate Utility
Holders airdropped NFT weapons and wearables which can also be bought and sold on secondary markets
Cyber Syndicate Utility
Holders receive rewards from additional collection revenues and secondary market sales
Cyber Syndicate Utility
Holders receive rewards from advertising and commerce activities in the Sandbox
Cyber Syndicate Utility
Factions of Cyber City will be constructed into sub daos with voting rights for all holders
Cyber Syndicate Utility
Holders have exclusive access to Cyber Syndicate lands and private events in the Sandbox


From laser-eyed drones to demonic holograms, intercranial hackings and rampant crime, the streets of Cyber City are a frightful place; a gritty dystopia where no Citizen should ever walk alone. The year is 2099 and your only chance of survival is to faction up, Newcomer. 6 gnarly crews await your arrival, each one riddled with their own trials and tribulations, each one as vicious and menacing as the next. From the terrifying Tyger Fangz, to the corrupt Corpos, nimble Nomads, fearless Foxes, haunted Hoodoos and malicious Mercs, factioning up is the first step to take in this brutal environment.
Pay attention, Newcomer. Cyber Syndicate, a unique Web3 Sandbox experience, is about make its very first drop!
Mint Mechanics...
Mint date May 12, 2023
Mint price .03 ETH
Avatar factions will be randomized meaning you may receive an avatar from any of the 6 factions
The mint will be on Ethereum and the avatars will be able to migrate to Polygon during mint
There will be a cap of 20 avatars per wallet
The adventure begins soon. See you in Cyber City...
Mint is paused. Resuming directly on Polygon soon.

Our partners


The Sandbox is the leading metaverse ecosystem. Home to many exciting games, exclusive events and decentralized communities, this expansive virtual world excels in its application of NFT technology and play-to-earn mechanics. Explore the Sandbox with Cyber Syndicate NFTs!


Adshares ecosystem helps AdTech to adapt to blockchain with minimum effort. Adshares is the Cyber Syndicates premier advertising partner for spreading ad reach in Web3.


The Cyber Syndicate has chosen Orangetrail digital marketing agency to lead its campaigns in order to increase awareness and attract new members into the community.

Metatheory Studio

Metatheory Studio is a team of expert voxel engineers who have partnered with us to build stunning animated NFT art and create captivating architectural designs and in-game blockchain experiences.
Metatheory Studio


Cyber Syndicate avatars will be living on the Polygon blockchain and deployable in the Sandbox metaverse which also resides on Polygon. Polygon is a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees without ever sacrificing on security.

Magic Eden

Magic Eden is the leading NFT Marketplace on Solana. Home to the next generation of digital creators. Cyber Syndicate NFTs will be available here on the secondary market.
Magic Eden


Say hello to LayerZero, an omnichain interoperability protocal. LayerZero enables the realization of cross-chain applications with a low level communication primitive. The Cyber Syndicate project is happy to work with LayerZero to deliver our NFTs on a multi-chain environment, providing more flexibility for our holders.


OpenSea is the world’s first and largest web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles. Browse, create, buy, sell, and auction NFTs using OpenSea where you will also find Cyber Syndicate NFTs on the secondary market.


An NFT payment gateway provider offering the easiest way to buy and sell NFTs. NFTpay allows anyone to buy NFTs quickly with a credit card. Cyber Syndicate is happy to partner with NFTpay in order to provide flexible purchase options for our NFT collection.

Double Protocol

Double Protocol is a fully decentralized and open-source NFT rental protocol and marketplace for Metaverse and GameFi assets. The Cyber Syndicate has strategically partnered with Double Protocol to make our NFT assests rentable, providing additional revenue generation opportunities for our holders.
Double Protocol


MetaLogics is a leading web 3.0 services agency that offers a comprehensive range of smart contracts, web development, and blockchain solutions. Their team of experts specializes in creating high-quality, optimized and cost-effective smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. MetaLogics is the premier developer partner of Cyber Syndicate for building out our smart contracts.


OnePlanet is a Polygon-dedicated NFT launchpad and marketplace, offering a diverse range of NFT experiences for both creators and the community. Cyber Syndicate has partnered with One Planet to utilize their comprehensive services and add-on utilities that allow users to explore, evaluate, and interact with their NFTs in exciting new ways.
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