Mission Zero is the first installment in Cyber Syndicate’s long term vision of Sandbox game experiences and brings together several elements of the project into an exciting 14 level tower mission. (We built the tallest building in the Sandbox game!)
Mission Zero
Navigate up through the skyscraper, defeat the faction leaders and activate the boosters to restore the signal.
Enter the futuristic Cyberverse: Immerse yourself in addictive Cyberpunk inspired gaming and unlock bountiful rewards!
Based in Cyber City, this innovative project incorporates NFT assets with rich cyberpunk inspired lore forming the base for numerous activities and experiences.
Players can participate in immersive Sandbox games, missions and access exclusive map areas and events. Join a faction and battle for control for territory in Cyber City while climbing leaderboard ranks and earning prizes in tokens and digital assets.
From laser-eyed drones to demonic holograms, intracranial hackings and rampant crime, the streets of Cyber City are a frightful place; a gritty dystopia where no Citizen should ever walk alone. The year is 2099 and your only chance of survival is to faction up, Newcomer.
6 gnarly crews await your arrival, each one riddled with their own trials and tribulations, each one as vicious and menacing as the next. From the terrifying Tyger Fangz, to the corrupt Corpos, nimble Nomads, fearless Foxes, haunted Hoodoos and malicious Mercs, factioning up is the first step to take in this brutal environment.
Mission Zero introduces players to Cyber City, placing them in an intricate 14 floor tower building filled with thrilling quests, challenges, obstacles and objectives. This Sandbox 1x1 plot is the perfect teaser for what’s to come in the larger Cyber Syndicate metaverse experience.
Thanks to its 14 floor structure, Mission Zero brings additional depth and intrigue to its 1x1 Sandbox plot, enabling players to enjoy various gameplay types and immerse themselves in faction specific environments.
The main quest sees the player navigating all 14 levels of the tower in order to retrieve 6 signal boosters from the faction leader and reactivate the tower building’s rooftop antenna.
But variety is key in Cyber City. The following gameplay mechanics will also be available in Mission Zero:
  • Parkour: A thrilling and adrenaline-pumping activity that involves navigating urban environments using acrobatic movements and efficient techniques.
  • Mini games: Bite-sized and enjoyable games that offer a fun and engaging experience, often featuring quick challenges and entertaining mechanics.
  • Puzzles: Mind-bending challenges that require problem-solving skills, logic, and creativity to solve, offering a sense of accomplishment upon completion.
  • Quests: Exciting missions or objectives that players embark on, often involving a storyline or specific goals, providing a sense of purpose and progression in a game.
  • Exploration: The act of venturing into unknown or unexplored areas of a game's world, uncovering hidden secrets, discovering new locations, and experiencing the thrill of the unknown.
  • Easter eggs: Hidden surprises or references deliberately placed by game developers, rewarding attentive and curious players with unexpected and delightful discoveries.
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Structure and Environment Structure and Environment
Mission Zero’s tower building is made of 14 floors, each one distinct in its own particular way.
  • -2 Hoodoos Lab: dark, eerie and engulfed with toxic smoke, this underground area serves as the main area for the Hoodoo faction.
  • -1 Hoodoos Lab / Resistance Briefing Bunker: similar in look and feel to level -2, this area houses the Hoodoos but also contains the Resistance faction’s secret Briefing Bunker.
  • 0 Mercs / Outside Environment: the dark, foggy night serves as the environmental backdrop to Mission Zero’s.starting point. Inside, a chaotic, industrial area awaits and is guarded by the Mercs faction.
  • 1 Mercs: similar in look and feel to level 0.
  • 2 Mercs: similar in look and feel to level 0. A portal to a vibrant nightclub can also be found here.
  • 3 Mercs: similar in look and feel to level 0.
  • 4 General - Rooftop: a neutral, open-air platform between floors gives characters a chance to breathe before they continue their ascent in search of more signal boosters.
  • 5 Foxes - Concert Zone: a large open area, lit with flashing lights and pulsing lasers sets the stage for the Foxes feisty Concert Zone.
  • 6 Foxes - Concert Zone Upper Level: this floor is a continuation of floor 5 and houses a VIP room.
  • 7 Corpos - Loft: lavish marble floors and mahogany paneled walls decorate this Corpos level of the building.
  • 8 Tyger Fangz - Dojo: a serene dojo environment, complete with bonsai trees and meditative Tyger Fangz faction members.
  • 9 General - Rooftop: another open air platform, similar in look and feel to level 4.
  • 10 Nomads - Military Base: a futuristic and highly technical command and control center, filled with the Nomad’s cutting edge communication and surveillance equipment.
  • 11 General - Rooftop with Antenna: the final level is yet again open air, exposing the player to Cyber City’s night sky. This is where the antenna can be found.
Players can purchase equipables and NFT assets which can be used to enhance gameplay and increase their chances of winning competitive battles for massive prizes. Assets can also be bought and sold in marketplaces and used anywhere in the Sandbox. High intensity battles can provide opportunity for game winners to collect on huge bounties and digital asset prizes.
The future introduction of a tokenomics system will help to enhance utility and governance while also rewarding players and contributors with valuable tokens. Players can use utility tokens to purchase in-game assets and also unlock access to special map areas and events.
Integrated advertising across Cyber City will help to fund project developments with portions of proceeds going towards player reward systems.
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Throughout Cyber City you will find characters in need of your help. From delivering packages, to finding lost persons, acquiring important items, and taking out high level targets, there are countless opportunities for exciting gameplay.
The characters from the 6 factions are led by their exceptional leaders, each one gifted with deep backstories. In Mission Zero, the various faction leaders are located in different levels of the building, surrounded by their fellow faction members.
  • Vicky Violet (Foxes) playing at her concert venue.
  • Oroku Shuriken (Tyger Fangz) meditating in his dojo.
  • Kenny Waste (Nomad) managing the command center.
  • Queen Marielle (Hoodoos) experimenting in the brainpump lab.
  • Curt Bonoi (Mercs) socializing in the night club.
  • Krueger (Corpo) conspiring in the executive office.
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Gameplay Screenshot 3
In-game Footage In-game Footage
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The Future of Cyber Syndicate The Future of Cyber Syndicate
In the ever-expanding realm of Cyber Syndicate, the possibilities are limitless and the excitement never fades. As the popularity of this cyberpunk-inspired universe skyrockets, so does the map of Cyber City itself. With each passing month, new lands, territories, and factions emerge, inviting players to embark on thrilling adventures and shape the destiny of this sprawling digital metropolis.
In the heart of the Cyber Syndicate ecosystem there will form a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) fueled by the collective imagination and ingenuity of its community. Together, we will redefine the boundaries of gaming, as players like you contribute ideas and participate in shaping the virtual landscape. Whether it's developing new lands, establishing bustling marketplaces, organizing electrifying events, or crafting innovative game experiences, your voice matters, and your contributions hold the power to transform not just the virtual realm but your own life as well.
Explore Cyber City Explore Cyber City
Cyber City forms the gritty urban backdrop to Cyber Syndicate’s futuristic setting, where humans, artificial intelligence and cybernetic enhancements merge into a corrupt dystopia devoid of all law and order. With danger present around every corner, players must show allegiance to a faction in order to stand any chance of survival in this malicious metropolis.
The streets of Cyber CIty are divided into 6 territories, each one dominated by their own controlling factions. Mission Zero houses all 6 factions within a single action-packed 14 level tower experience.
  • The Mercs run a highly profitable operation out of Cyber City’s Downtown district. This army of outcasted soldiers, ruthless assassins and brutal bodyguards are united in their loyalty and pride themselves on getting the job done. Whether you have a target to snipe, a deal to crash or a VIP in need of close protection, this gang of not so merry men have the tools for the job.
  • The Tyger Fangz gang is a formidable force to be reckoned with on the murky backstreets of Cyber City’s Japan Town. Once a respectable importer of augmented reality tools, the Tyger Fangz have since resorted to extorting their own people in the name of protection. Come to Japan Town for the lively markets and bonsai-lined dojos but make sure you leave before sunset.
  • Lined with mahogany furniture and aquarium walls, the lavish interiors of the Corpos offices are the only places you’ll experience nature within the limits of Cyber City. The jet-set Corpos stop at nothing to protect their wealth and develop new business opportunities while retaining control over Cyber City with an iron fist.
  • Venomous snakes and black widows guard the halls of the Hoodoo's hangout, where jittery dopamine fiends come for their regular brain pump sessions. Protected by powerful curses and black magic rituals, the abandoned district of Bondieu is no place to outstay your welcome.
  • Drawn away from the corruption and pollution of Cyber City are the rebellious Nomads, the resourceful wanderers of the City’s outskirts. Threatened by hazardous toxic waste, the Nomads now find themselves re-entering the City, leveraging their customized tech to take on adventurous jobs. These cunning rebels are self-sufficient and stand for nobody’s rules but their own.
  • The Foxes are an all-girl gang that dominate the streets of Cyber City’s Inner Circle, raising hell and partying hard while doing so. Don’t let their foxy looks or sassy style distract your better judgment; these chicks are tough as nails.
Join the Syndicate Join the Syndicate
Mission Zero serves as the perfect entry point to the Cyber Syndicate metaverse. But the story doesn’t end there.
Cyber Syndicate opens up the doors to thrilling gaming experiences and DAO membership where avatar owners can help to shape the future and style of experiences they want to see come to life. Players have the option for free to play or bid on paid entry matches to win a prize pool of funds bid on matches for the opportunity to earn revenues! Choose between story mode or incentivized play to earn games with competitive domination, deathmatch, and capture the flag themed games.
Cyber Syndicate is creating fun yet rewarding experiences and a massive opportunity for growth while making adoption for gamers into Web3 simplified. Join us on a journey ripe with rewards where you have voting rights and the ability to shape a world full of adventures and become a leader in the ranks of Cyber City.